Euthanizing a beloved pet

Sooner or later if you have pets you will have to face “the decision” of euthanasia. It’s a gut-wrenching decision, but when the time comes, you owe it to your beloved pet to end their suffering.

The tricky thing is knowing “when.” We torture ourselves with all manner of questions and thoughts: “Is my pet really ready?” How can I be sure it’s time?” “Will my pet hate me?” “It feels like a betrayal.” “I can’t bear to let her go, but I also can’t bear to see her suffer.”

First, it helps to understand that animals view death very differently from humans. They understand that it is just the next step in their journey. They know that they may choose to reincarnate and experience many more lifetimes. They may also choose to return to a particular guardian.

Second, if you are in tune with your pet, you will probably know when it’s time. There will be a look in their eyes, a pleading or a peaceful acceptance. Sometimes a pet will hang on for the sake of a guardian who just can’t come to terms with the inevitable. When you can’t be sure of the signs, or if you think your pet is sacrificing a quality life to linger for your sake, you may opt to consult an animal communicator. A communicator will connect with your pet and find out what they are thinking and feeling.

Third, making “the decision” when the time comes is a sacred duty that we owe to our beloved companions. It is the final loving gift, one your pet will not soon forget. If you want them to reincarnate and return to you, let them know. Your gift will be remembered and they will be more likely to choose to spend another lifetime with you. After the transition, you may wish to check in on your pet with the assistance of an animal communicator. This is an opportunity to get any remaining questions answered and it can be very therapeutic.

Not long ago I communicated with a lovely dog (I’ll call her Helga), who had very recently been euthanized. Her guardian was distressed and second guessing her decision. She was very concerned about how Helga was doing and whether she understood or was angry. When I communicated with Helga she had some surprising things to share:

“I was really confused at first. It happened pretty fast then all of a sudden there was no pain and I was here in this beautiful place. It’s warm, lots of sunshine. Lots of other four leggeds to meet and greet. I’m planning on catching up with all my old friends and family. There are so many it’s going to take me a while to find and catch up with all of them. Good thing I have a keen sense of smell so I can more easily track them down. I thought they were all supposed to be lined up waiting for me.  But they seem to be waiting for me to come to them. I guess they’re giving me time to adjust because it was such an abrupt transition.”

“Do you know that I can have a job if I want or just lie around? I get to choose. I sure do miss my family though. It’s good there are lots of distractions so that I don’t spend too much time missing them. I know I’m supposed to move on but I can feel their sadness and it pulls at me. Please let them know I would have stayed longer if it was possible. I had a good life and they should be very proud of the life they gave me. You know there are a lot of animals here who can’t say the same. I am one of the really lucky ones.”

“Please let my family know that I will keep an eye on them. I will never forget what they did for me. It will be my privilege to watch over them until they join me here. I’ll make sure to have a spectacular gathering of friends when they arrive and we’ll have a huge reunion. Kisses!”

When I relayed this message to the guardian, she explained that Helga had taken an unexpected turn for the worse and “the decision” had to be made immediately. There was no time to prepare Helga or themselves. It was just a quick trip to the vet and she was gone.

The comforting part of this message was that in spite of less than ideal circumstances, Helga was thriving, happy, and sending not just love to her family but kisses. She was very grateful to be out of that old body and on to her next adventure. If the guardian asked, I have little doubt she would choose to reincarnate very quickly and return to her.

Not everyone can allow themself to believe that our pets reincarnate let alone return to us. That’s ok, the animals understand. They do not judge and have the capacity to accept whatever comes their way. We all must walk our own path so be at peace and trust that everything will work out as it should. Life is oh so much richer when we have our faithful animal companions to share it with.

Hello, beautiful boy!

That was the beginning of a fascinating animal communication consult. The subject was a horse who could have easily ended up as dog food, were it not for a most determined and caring guardian who was unwilling to give up on him. To protect their privacy I’ll call him “Jackson.” Following is a brief synopsis of our communication:

Jackson: “Beauty is only skin deep. I don’t feel beautiful. I feel flawed. I wasn’t good enough to make it in the show ring so every time I hear how beautiful I am, it reminds me of how shallow that is and inaccurate. I am a reject. I’m no good”

“I don’t know why my mom loves me, I’m really mean to her. I’ve been trying to get her to see that I’m no good. She is really stubborn and is not convinced.”

“I’m sorry [for hurting her]. I was just sure that she would one day realize how wrong she was about me and send me off to the knackers for my antics. That made me so angry and insecure that I acted out against her. I wanted her to think she was the crazy one. If she was crazy and stupid then I was right, sane and whole.”

“Yes, it made me feel good to make her feel bad. Awful I know, which really made me feel worse deep inside. It’s been escalating for a while. I’m glad there is another answer because I don’t want to permanently damage her. She has been kind to me and put up with so much crap you wouldn’t believe! I just knew that one day she’d see the real me and throw me out like the garbage I felt myself to be.  Is it possible that she can forgive me? Is it possible that she could ever trust me?”

During our communication, I spent some time explaining to him how wrong his self image was. Surprisingly (unlike we humans), he was able to fairly quickly grasp his error and reconsider his position.

Jackson: “If she’s serious about starting over, I’d like to try that. Let’s pretend she never knew the schizo me and that I am her perfect horse. That’s a foundation we can build on. I may need reminders from time to time so I don’t fall back into bad patterns. But I will commit to making every effort to change. I will be happy when she calls me beautiful boy instead of getting angry and acting out.”

With that statement he showed me his chest swelling up with pride. Polishing his buttons, as my mother would say. Our communication concluded with sending healing energy to him which he eagerly soaked up.

After that, I communicated with Jackson several more times clearing up the misunderstandings between him and his guardian. Initially, it didn’t seem as if he was following through on his promise to try; but, slowly over time, the relationship evolved. It was a process to be sure, but one they were both willing to undertake and that made all the difference.

Recently I received this message from his guardian:

“I just wanted you to know ‘Jackson’ has been a most benevolent, kind and gentle horse for me since our conversations.  He seems happier and more content, and I am braver now that I can read him better, and therefore be a better leader for him.  Thanks for all your help!”

Not all animal communication consults are as dramatic or successful, to be sure, but enough of them have happy endings to make our collective efforts most worthwhile.