Reincarnation, is it real?

I had no idea when I previously blogged about reincarnation that it would become one of my most popular posts. Overwhelmingly you want to know if reincarnation is real and if your pet will return to you. I can tell you that the animals have told me it is real. After their transition they choose if, when, and in what form they will return. Some come back nearly immediately, others need a recuperation period.

Rather than take my word for it, however, look to science if you will. Science has proven that living beings are at their core energy. Since energy never dies, it has to go somewhere when the physical body is used up. That leaves us to speculate on what happens to it when released from the physical, or believe the animals when they say they absolutely do reincarnate.

Let me relate to you a story of a lovely young dog I spoke with who had recently transitioned. His owner was quite distraught as he was young and it was a sudden death. She was desperate to know if he would reincarnate and return to her. In our communication he revealed that he had been with her before in the form of another dog. He was sad to leave her and wanted to return, which he had as her new puppy.

However, he also had a desire to try an experience as a german shepherd rather than the small breed dog that she preferred. He put his desires on hold to return to her once more, but he chose a short life as a compromise. He will likely return to her in another form one day but in the meantime, he may revisit other people he has loved or meet entirely new ones.

I was so struck by this conversation, having gone through something similar myself. When my old dog, Joshua, was getting ready to transition, I asked him if he would return. He promised to do so. As I grieved his loss, I asked him again after he crossed over to please return and he again promised. I believe that he did return to me in the form of my new dog, Saphyre.

But after talking with that young dog, I began to wonder if it was selfish of me to ask Joshua to return to me. What if he had other people he wanted to visit, or new adventures to experience, or what if he didn’t want to come back as a standard poodle, the breed I had decided upon? Of course he has free choice and could have made other plans, but being the amazing, kind, spirit that he was, he honored my request.

I am so grateful for these beings who freely share their love and wisdom with me and in the future will strive not to put my needs before theirs. Perhaps the best course of action is to let them know we would welcome their return, but only if and when they choose to do so.

What do you think? I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section or contact me directly: petchatter.

Eagle Cam

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation and Sidney Cam have made it possible for us to watch the progress of three eaglets and the comings and goings of their parents. For the maximum experience check in on them at various times throughout the day. I think you’ll find it’s well worth the time and effort. Enjoy!

Eagle Cam