About The Pet Chatter

The Pet Chatter, Debbra Lupien, has always talked to her animals. But it wasn’t until she met Scenic Mist (Misty), that she learned animals can, and want to, communicate with humans. Thanks to strong motivation from Misty, she learned to have a two-way conversation (telepathic interspecies communication) very quickly.

Misty was the most challenging horse Debbra had ever met. She was a dream horse to look at, but a nightmare to handle. She was aggressive and bad tempered, with a huge chip on her shoulder . . . at least from outward appearances. Once Debbra learned to open the animal communication channel, she was able to get Misty’s side of the story and realized that Misty had some valid reasons for her attitude. As those issues were resolved, Misty was transformed into a true equine partner.

Since then, Debbra has taken every opportunity to communicate with animals and hone her ability. What a revelation it is to directly communicate with the animal rather than having to guess what is going on.

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