Law of Attraction: I found my perfect dog!

When I began my search for the perfect dog, the criteria was: adult standard poodle. To be honest my preference was a silver female who was the reincarnation of my beloved dog, Joshua. Although I was counting on Law of Attraction to provide my perfect dog, part of me was afraid to be too specific. Oh ye of little faith…

After looking at a lot of dogs and putting out feelers far and wide, I was lead to a breeder in New Hampshire, Crabapple Downs. There were five yearlings available that seemed to fit my needs. Upon communicating with each of the five, there was one blue male who sounded, personality wise, like a good choice, even though he was the wrong color and sex. (The others had their own unique personalities and I was really looking forward to seeing whether they presented in person the same as they did telepathically.)

We selected a date and planned our trip to meet the candidates. Unbeknownst to us, that same weekend a huge ice storm had hit the area knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. The roads were less than ideal and our trip was at times harrowing, but we finally reached our destination hours later than expected. By then it was too late to meet the dogs so we settled in for the night in one of the rental apartments on the farm. It was a very cozy place complete with dog beds.

The next morning we went down to the kennel to meet the dogs. The five boisterous candidates were brought in and we spent some time just being with them to see if there was a connection. After a short time the one that stood out was in fact the blue male from my communication. He was very nice and we would have settled for him, but he wasn’t perfect.

Apparently sensing this, Arlene, the breeder, brought several litters of various ages in to meet us. There were so many different colors and personalities that we weren’t sure we’d be able to choose just one. Finally one of the puppies gave me the sign I had been waiting for. (The night before I had requested that my perfect dog would behave in a certain way so I’d know “the one.”) It was a silver female and her energy felt a lot like Joshua’s! She clearly chose us as well. At five months she wasn’t quite the adult I had requested, but that was a compromise we decided to make all other things considered.

After a bath and grooming we loaded up and were on our way home with our new poodle girl. She settled right in like a seasoned traveler. Arlene had warned that she might go through some separation anxiety but she seemed delighted to suddenly be the only dog and we never had those issues.

David & Saphyre
David & Saphyre

The first night she slept beside me with her head on my shoulder. That girl can really stretch out! It took about a week to settle on the perfect name for our perfect dog: Saphyre Michaela. She’s a gem and it suits her. Oh, and to make it even more perfect, she’s the niece of the dog I met who healed me whom I previously blogged about.

Using Law of Attraction it was just six weeks from the time I broadcast my request to the universe until I found my perfect dog.

Law of Attraction: Finding The Perfect Dog

Five months ago we lost our dog, Joshua. He was a huge part of our family’s lives for fourteen wonderful years. Since then we’ve talked about getting another dog, we even visited a humane society adoption day. They had some lovely dogs but it was too soon.

I’ve always wanted a standard poodle and, coincidentally, one became available on our local Freecycle. He wasn’t getting along with his pack mates, and to restore peace, his owner reluctantly decided to rehome. Out of all the responses, and there were many, she chose me! I was convinced this was Law of Attraction in action, and just days after I had put out the desire.

My almost new dog.
My almost new dog.

Before meeting in person, I had an animal communication session with him. It turned out he had a very high opinion of himself and a very low one of his pack mates. He showed me pictures of them as a bunch of hound dog mutts. Imagine my surprise when I found out from his owner that they were all in fact poodles . . . far from mutts! I explained to him during another communication session that they were every bit as special as he and he needed to treat them with respect. We chatted about the situation and he agreed to make an effort.

When I finally met him in person some weeks later his owner reported that his behavior had improved. Observing him it was obvious that he was quite bonded and should stay right where he was, if at all possible. He very clearly let me know that, while I was nice enough, I wasn’t his “mom.” Later I had another communication session with him and explained that he could stay right where he was, it was up to him. Since then he continues to do well, and harmony has been restored to the pack.

During my visit one of the other male poodles totally charmed me and removed any doubt that I was ready for a dog. He intuitively felt my grief (over losing Joshua) and leaned his body against mine filling me with healing energy. I had a thoroughly delightful time with him and the healing he freely bestowed upon me was incredibly restorative.

So now I’m looking for my “perfect” dog in earnest. I’ve decided to put my strong, clearly defined request out to the universe (Law of Attraction) and “allow” the right dog to cross my path. I don’t really care about color, although I do like silver, and I want a natural tail. I’d like a young, healthy, adult (six or under) so that we can have many years together. Sex is not important, but I’d like a gregarious personality.

My dog should enjoy romping with my husband, accompany me on treks into the woods, and enjoy sitting quietly together of an evening being petted. He/She should be smart and lively, but able to remain calm when appropriate. My dog will enjoy our horses but not act aggressively towards them. He/She will function as my ears, alerting me to visitors and activity outdoors, but will politely greet visitors.

I’m visualizing spending time with my new dog. I can feel how wonderful it is to have that special companionship again. I’m doing my part and I expect the universe will deliver, it’s just a matter of perfect timing.

The Story of the Well

It was a very dry year. No rain for two months. One day I turned on the hose to fill the horse’s water tank and, after a short time, the water stopped. With a sinking feeling I knew that probably meant our well had gone dry.

I took a walk into the woods to check on the well house, a small building sitting at the juncture of several springs. All the springs leading to the house were dry. I checked the extended weather  report: chance of rain on Saturday. It was now Monday. We had bottled water for drinking, but I would have to haul water from a neighbor for the horses. Could we take a chance and wait for rain hoping it would be enough to replenish our water supply?

After considering my options overnight I awoke Tuesday morning with the conviction that it was time to have a well drilled. Last year we had problems when the water level got too low, now we were totally out of water with no guarantee about when we might get enough precipitation to restore running water.

Here is where the story takes an interesting turn. I have been practicing Law of Attraction for more than a year. After all this time it has become pretty ingrained. Rather than panic about our immediate crisis, I was able to remain calm and trust that the universe would work things out just right. (A huge step forward as last year when we had well problems I was a nervous wreck. We ended up being without water for nearly two weeks and there was no way I wanted to go through that again.)

I recalled a conversation with a neighbor about wells some months earlier. He had mentioned a company that did great work. It could not just be coincidence that I had had this conversation and was then able to call and get that company’s name. (Funny, my neighbor didn’t remember at all and really had to scratch his head to come up with the name, Ziegler’s Well Drilling of Newfoundland.)

Next I placed a call to Ziegler’s. I spoke with Terry who said he could stop by in 10 minutes or so. No arguments here!! After a brief conversation and a ball-park estimate, we struck a deal and he said he’d send a crew to begin drilling that afternoon. He would also arrange for an electrician and backhoe. When Law of Attraction kicks in it really kicks in! By 1 pm a big rig pulled in and went to work.

The noise from the driller was no fun at all, but after four hours they hit a good, solid, vein of water, 225 feet, all but 50 was bedrock. That made the drilling more challenging, but saved us a lot of money as they didn’t need to run pipe through the rock portion. Things were moving along with remarkable efficiency.

The next morning, Wednesday, the backhoe arrived and created a trench to run the piping. Shortly after came the electrician. He had originally thought we’d need a new circuit panel as we were maxed out, but incredibly, he found there were some wires no longer in use and he was able to complete the work for $90 instead of the $650 estimated. (As a bonus he discovered live wires that could have killed someone and removed them.) The bill for the backhoe was also substantially lower than estimated. As I said earlier, when it kicks in, Law of Attraction doesn’t mess around!

By 11 am Wednesday I had running water in the house. I had only needed to haul two loads of 40 gallons each to keep the horse tank filled. (Huge thanks to our generous neighbors who shared their water during the drought.) Today I filled the tank from our brand new well!!!

The final bill for everything was less than the lower estimated range for just the well. We now have better water pressure, colder water,¬† a supply that should serve us through future droughts, and it’s pure. The water test came back with the comment that it’s so pure it even smells like water!

As these events were unfolding I just had to marvel at the incredible efficiency of Law of Attraction. It was a night and day difference from when I fussed and stressed over no water last year versus remaining calm and allowing the pieces to come together this year. As each bill came in less than expected I was reminded over and over again just how powerful these principles are. “What we resist persists.”