Magic Owie Spray Saves the Day

On a lovely summer afternoon we had the pleasure of a visit from our friend, Susan, her children, and friends. With six young people, two of whom were very active boys, it was only a matter of time until I had to bring out the Release, aka Magic Owie Spray.

The first boo boo came when one of the boys, Remi, was stung by a bee. After thoroughly spraying the affected area, he was off romping in the hay with his buddy, Jeremy. We touched it up a couple times later in the day to make sure it wouldn’t bother him later and he was good to go.

While I was busy retrieving the horses from pasture, instructing the kids on grooming and finally saddling, we had another boo boo. Yelena, Susan’s young daughter, neglected to remove her fingers when feeding carrots to Jasmyn and got pinched. (Thankfully even at a young age, Jasmyn is sensitive and aware so the skin wasn’t broken.) Time for more Magic Owie Spray. Within a few minutes she was smiling and asking when the horses would be ready to ride.

Dakota, always a favorite with the kids, was first up. She was her usual patient and accommodating self. Next was Rusty. He’s proven to be great with kids as well. He loves interacting with humans and is really a big puppy dog. One of these days I expect him to start licking people. (During an Animal Communication session Rusty said that he wanted to try fox hunting so now we’re on the lookout for a home where he can do just that. After a successful beginning at eventing I expect he will excel at the hunt.)

Soon saddles were in place, kids were helmeted and the rides began. Susan and her friend, Sandy, took over leadline duty. For the next couple of hours it was all about who got to ride and for how long. The moms did a great job of juggling and all the kids had big smiles on their faces, including the teenage young ladies. It’s days like this that make all the hard work on rehabbing well worthwhile.

There was just a bit of a bauble when Yelena, who was somewhat timid, had second thoughts about climbing up so high. Rusty at 16 hands can be intimidating to one so small so we brought over Dakota who’s a bit shorter and has a back like a couch. Dakota stood like a champ and gave Yelena all the time she needed to build her confidence. She really has a special gift of gaining the rider’s trust, at least for leadline rides, the rest is a whole other story…

It was such a satisfying day all the way around. Rusty and Dakota were happy with all the attention and the kids ended up tired and happy. There’s not much better than sharing our horses and our love for them with friends.

Ouch. Then I went inside and discovered that despite wearing a hat, I ended up with a painful burn on my face. Did I mention that I buy Release by the six pack? After liberally spraying my face, the sting was gone and the day still ended on a happy note.