Mystery Swelling on Thoroughbred

Overnight Rusty, an eight-year-old Thoroughbred, developed a very strange swollen spot at his navel. There was no evidence of injury, just the swelling. He was too upset from discomfort to communicate, so I decided to monitor the situation before deciding upon a course of treatment.

Hours later the swelling had extended along his underside past the midline. Now there was heat and tenderness and the area around his navel had swollen so that it looked like two testicles! One of the most bizarre things I’ve seen. Since he has an outie, my mind leapt to scary thoughts of a ruptured umbilicus. He loves to romp and maybe he strained himself? I put those thoughts aside and decided to focus on a less frightening cause, like an insect bite.

Pet Chatter Rusty Belly
Swelling from navel to midline.

I cold hosed him, then liberally applied clay to all the swollen areas. I administered a natural antibiotic remedy orally and another mixed with his feed. This routine continued, minus the oral antibiotic, for 12 days.

Pet Chatter Rusty Testicles
Testicle-like swelling at navel.

The swelling along the midline was totally resolved within three days. At seven days the “testicles” were hugely reduced and the heat was gone. By day ten the “testicles” had disappeared. I continued the treatment for two more days just to be sure. Whatever it was has totally resolved.

Pet Chatter Rusty
Rusty back to normal.

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Putting my beliefs to the test

The day Rusty came in from the woods with an ugly puncture wound on his leg is etched in my memory. He must have rammed into a sharp branch some time in the last 18 hours. The wound was at the top of his left front leg and already seeping a light-colored foamy substance. Definitely infected.

I had just gotten in a new product from Dynamite, Wound Wash, that people have been raving about. I was thankful to have it as it made cleaning up the wound much easier for both Rusty and me. After the wash I syringed some Trace Minerals directly into the puncture then slathered the whole thing with Miracle Clay.

Rusty couldn’t resist mouthing the clay. He quickly said “Yuck” and went about trying to rub it off his muzzle. It was quite comical and the levity was much appreciated given the situation. (Rusty has a high play drive and says he wants to try fox hunting. That would be an excellent outlet for him so I have promised to see what I can do to fulfill his request.)

Second day the infection was raging. The leg had swollen to three times its normal size at the top and there was heat all the way down to the pastern. Rusty was having difficulty walking due to the swelling. Oh boy, maybe I should call the vet.

After carefully considering my options I decided to give it one more day, as I truly believed the protocol I was using was every bit as effective as the pharmaceuticals a vet would prescribe. I had used them for animals as well as people and so far they had not let me down. If there wasn’t improvement by day three we’d make a visit to the vet. I added Trace Minerals internally and slathered clay over the entire leg.

Third day, the swelling was reduced and the heat had receded to just below the knee. We were making progress! I periodically muscle tested to see if the protocol needed tweaking. So far, so good.

Fourth day, Rusty was not at all happy about taking Trace Minerals internally. Can’t say I blame him, I’ve taken them and they are nasty, but they work incredibly well. With less getting into him and more on the ground, I decided to switch to Super Stress for the internal portion of the treatment, with Trace Minerals syringed directly into the wound. By this time it was seeping pus and blood serum. Very nasty to look at but clearly improving.

By the seventh day the swelling was nearly gone and the heat was localized to the area of the wound. There was still seepage as the infection continued to purge.

Day ten I discontinued all but Wound Wash and Super Stress. The wound hadn’t yet closed as there was still minor seepage but the heat was gone.

Day fourteen was the final dose of Super Stress. The wound was nearly totally closed and all seepage had stopped. Since then it has healed to just a small spot. I wish I had taken pictures to document the episode but I didn’t. The thought of taking pictures of that ugly mess was just too much, plus I was totally focused on tweaking the protocol to ensure we got the best results.

I am convinced that we actually got better results than had we used pharmaceuticals. There were no side effects to the products and they were extremely effective. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever call the vet. There are times when that is the best choice. But for this injury, under these circumstances, it was unnecessary. Whatever I spent on Dynamite products is a fraction of what a vet bill would have been and you just can’t argue with the results. I am reminded of that every time I see Rusty frolicking in the pasture with his herd mates. Now to see what I can do about finding him a fox hunting partner…

Thank you Dynamite!