Do animals reincarnate? Will we see them again?

This question comes up from time to time when talking with pet owners. I believe, from what they animals have told me, that they do experience many lifetimes. (That doesn’t just apply to cats!) They also, sometimes, come back to us. Not always, as they have their own paths to explore which will not always include us, but sometimes. Recently a reader posed the question “When will I see my beloved cat again, and how will I know?” Here is what the animals say about reincarnation:

If it is your desire to experience that particular cat’s energy again, and the cat is in agreement, then it will return to you. With both of you desiring this outcome, events will occur to bring you together. Be open and flexible and the opportunity for your paths to cross will come.

When you meet your beloved cat in a new incarnation you will have an energetic draw. You may notice something in the eyes. There may be similar mannerisms. Each time is different. Just be at peace knowing that it is possible and likely you will see your cat again.

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