How does it work?

Animal communication (Pet Chatter) is simply making a telepathic connection with the pet. Using a picture and description of your pet, I ask the questions you provide.*  After the communication I will email you the details of our conversation.

They may send images, sensations or thoughts. I am their translator and put their message into words which I share with you. Sometimes the message will be crystal clear, other times it may make no sense at that moment. Days later a memory can be triggered and you will suddenly understand what they were saying. (For example: My horse, Misty, communicated a picture of a brown barn. That made no sense to me, as her stable had red brick walls. Later I remembered that the farm where she was born had a brown barn.) That is the essence of how telepathic animal communication works. I promise to faithfully translate their message as relayed to me.**

Once you have received the message, I ask that you review it and then contact me for clarification. Together we can sift through any odd details, which will ensure you receive the most complete message from your treasured pet.

Please be assured that your pets are discreet. They do not communicate information they know their guardians wish kept private.


* A picture is not an absolute requirement. In my experience, a visual aid helps create a stronger telepathic connection. However, if you cannot provide one, then I can work with a description of your pet.

** One time I was communicating with a horse who sent me a picture of playing fetch with his guardian. I thought I must surely have misunderstood. However, I relayed the information as I received it. The guardian confirmed that fetch was indeed one of their favorite games. They never cease to amaze and amuse.


Learn how to have a successful animal communication consultation.

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