How to have a successful consultation

keep an open mind

Give your pet and yourself the opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Skepticism is perfectly natural, but allow for the possibility that an animal communicator really can telepathically communicate with your pet. We can and do all the time.

If the session is not in person, provide a picture

Having a picture to focus on allows me to connect with your pet — not someone else’s. When we make a telepathic connection, we are reaching out to their energy and it is possible to connect to the wrong energetic signature. Having a picture to focus on makes that less likely.

Make a list of your questions in advance and state as clearly as possible exactly what you want to know

For instance if your pet is experiencing pain or a health issue then state that and ask the questions you have.

Pets do not usually lie, but they can be mistaken, or they may try to spare their guardian’s feelings. Some animals are very stoic and reluctant to admit to any frailties. Asking them general questions about health, for instance, may result in flip answers. Some will claim to be fine and state their owner worries too much. Some are really macho and pooh pooh any talk of illness.

Ask for clarification of any responses that are unclear.

Often puzzling out the message together will result in fine tuning important details. This process is the best way to squeeze out every bit of information your pet has to share.

Resist the impulse to hold back information in order to “test” your communicator.

Animals communicate with pictures, thoughts, sensations, sometimes even scents. It is up to the communicator to translate that information into words. We know that when people translate languages, some words can have multiple meanings. The same applies to telepathic thought, which presents a challenge in correctly intuiting the message your pet wants to convey. Still, we can and do get specific and accurate information. Help me help you with complete, detailed information.

Understand that some issues may take more than one session for resolution

If you are consulting a communicator about behavior problems, then it may be necessary for follow up sessions. Sometimes a problem can be resolved in one consultation, other times it may require more than one. Not all issues lend themselves to a quick fix.

An element of trust is essential for success.

Trust that your communicator has integrity. Most are passionate about their work and consider it a sacred responsibility.

Animal communication is exhilarating and when the message delivered clicks with the owner, it is the best feeling in the world. It is an honor and a privilege to speak with the animals and to share their message with the owners, or the world if that is the intent.

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