In Memoriam


June 9, 2008, was the day our hearts were broken. It was the day we laid to rest our 14-year-old border collie mix, Joshua. He was truly a once in a lifetime friend.

He became part of our family in June of 1994 at just two months. We adopted him from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY. We were looking at another puppy but hadn’t quite made up our minds when another little guy made such a racket trying to get our attention. That was Joshua. He had chosen us and all that was left to do was make sure we got the message. He came home with us that very day. It was on the ride home that he “told” us his name. Never Josh, always Joshua. It suited him.

From the beginning he charmed everyone he met. People loved to stroke his soft fur and he was a friend to all. He wasn’t crazy about car trips but he loved to be with us and tolerated the ride as best he could. When we moved to the country he was thrilled. He loved walking in the woods and splashing through the springs. Sadly that time was all too short.

We brought him home for burial and planted a lilac bush on his grave. I like to think the roots will grow down and cradle his body.

I’ve been able to chat with him a few times since then and he’s doing well. He sent me a picture of him lying by a stream, under a shade tree. Several butterflies had landed on his back and were enjoying his soft fur. He’s also visited us in spirit to make sure we’re ok. That’s so Joshua to be concerned about us now that he is free of all earthly cares.

Goodbye sweet boy. We’ll never forget you.

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