The long drought

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post. I had such a nice flow going for a while but as often happens, life intervenes. I got busy and blog posts became a low priority.

It was a time of self improvement and very positive changes. I lost a lot of weight, finally. A battle that I have never before been able to win. I am now healthier and more vibrant. Definitely more flexible and I over came my nemesis: “fear of cantering” and actually had a lovely gallop on Toronado. It was glorious and I look forward to many more such joyful experiences.

Riding Rusty before 180
After with granddaughter Francesca
After with granddaughter Francesca

For the first time I joined a SWTRA trail ride at Promised Land state park. I’ve been a member of that club for years and never managed to attend a ride. It was about time!

My friend, Donna, rode Toro and I rode Rusty. I was pretty nervous as neither had been ridden much for over a year. Rusty has a turbo charged engine at times and others he’s calm. Thankfully on that day he was a perfect angel. With his long strides he quickly crept up on the horse in front of him, but he was so light and responsive I merely had to crook my finger on the reins and he collected beautifully and fell back to a comfortable distance.

I was able to get Merlyn back under saddle. A major feat as every time I tried to mount he bucked wildly. At my former size I didn’t have the athletic ability to stay with him. Finally as the weight came off I decided to just start him from scratch as if he’d never been ridden. Amazing how solutions come when obstacles are removed.

Using my new strategy I was able to sit on him within a few days. He was calm but my heart was pounding. Just days later I saddled him up and took a short ride around the barnyard. It was pure joy and he acted as if we’d been doing it everyday forever. Silly boy!

Riding Merlyn
Merlyn back under saddle

Now that winter has finally arrived in the Poconos things are slowing down a little and it seemed a good opportunity to update my readers. I hope that 2012 finds you well, thriving and thoroughly enjoying your animal friends.

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